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BASE Compression Socks - 2 for $75

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2 FOR $75

BASE Compression Socks provide an athletic compression profile that's second to none. Experience energy return in a sock that supports you while you train. Compression contracts the blood vessels, forcing blood back to the heart, preventing blood pooling in the legs and therefore improving circulation and blood oxygenation. Run, jump, and train with a breathable, moisture-wicking knee-high sock that is designed for all athletes.

To provide the perfect combination of support and flexibility, our European-made compression socks are perfectly anatomically fitted, with left & right socks, constructed from flatlock seams and soft, durable fabrics.

Our Compression socks produce a 4-way stretch to offer a consistent and comfortable compression experience throughout the entire sock.

BASE Compression socks also offer padded heel and toe zones for comfort and blister protection on the go. 

Perfect for running, recovery, marathons, basketball, soccer, hiking, travel, and more.

20-30 mmHg - FIRM

BASE Unisex Compression Socks - Black (Size)
BASE Unisex Compression Socks - White (Size)