Compression: Before, During & After Training

Compression: Before, During & After Training

BASE Compression has been proven to support athletic performance before, during, and after exercise and activity. This is achieved by improving blood circulation, providing muscle support and reducing muscle vibration and micro-tearing. According to the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, studies carried out show that wearing compression apparel can speed up your recovery time and reduce muscle soreness. 


Compression for Pre-training

Wearing compression garments during your warm-up is an effective way to increase blood flow and maintain a comfortably warm temperature so that your body performs effectively during your workout. Wearing BASE can improve your awareness of the biofeedback going to your muscles and connective tissue. That means your coordination, agility and responsiveness clicks into place quicker, improving your posture. It also improves your blood circulation, supports your working muscles in preparation for training or game day performance.

Compression During Training

A reduction in muscle fatigue is important for explosive workouts. With BASE, fabric support allows greater stability to hold the muscle, reducing any muscle bounce and vibration. This minimises the general feeling of fatigue and increases training output.

The flexibility and pressure of BASE supports posture and mobility, offering more stability and muscle support.


Compression for Recovery

Compression garments have been shown to help athletes during the active recovery process. Research shows that following a high-intensity workout, wearing BASE long compression tight for a minimum of 4 hours will allow a faster recovery. BASE garments provide a reduction in muscle fatigue, helping to decrease the heart rate and lactic acid buildup in athletes. 

BASE has spent years fabric testing and innovating to ensure the fabric offers the best in performance and recovery compression. BASE will support your performance and recovery like no other.