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BASE Compression Padded Arm Guard (Single)

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The unisex BASE Compression Padded Arm Guard in black and white– your go-to gear for dynamic sports and activities like basketball. Crafted to provide compression support to the entire arm, this arm guard offers unmatched comfort and performance.

Designed with our exclusive high-quality Nylon and Lycra fabric, this arm guard ensures breathability, durability, temperature regulation, and sun protection, making it your ultimate base layer.

Experience reduced muscle fatigue and damage with the BASE Padded Arm Guard, allowing you to train longer and harder. Our essentialist design approach ensures that every feature serves a purpose without distractions.

Featuring padded support to the forearm, elbow, and biceps, as well as graduated compression fit for greater circulation, this arm guard is designed to elevate your game.

15-20 mmHg - MEDIUM